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New website makes rounding up a full foursome a piece of cake

KANSAS CITY, Aug. 24, 2010 — Full Foresome LLC today announced the launch of a website that makes it incredibly easy for people to coordinate golf plans with friends and other compatible golfers. The free service, which has been in private beta for several weeks, is now available to the general public at

What it is serves a very specific purpose: To make the process of rounding up a full foursome simple and easy. To do this, elements of websites such as eVite, Plancast and eHarmony, have been incorporated into the design of

  • eVite: FullForesome allows users to exchange invitations with close friends as well as track RSVPs for upcoming tee times.
  • Plancast: FullForesome allows users to broadcast vacancies in their tee times to selected members of their network without sending direct invitations. This feature is ideally suited for sharing golf plans with acquaintances whom users cannot send direct invitations to on a regular basis without becoming a nuisance. Acquaintances will learn of these openings only when they visit and specifically search for a group to join.
  • eHarmony: FullForesome allows users to easily pair-up with compatible playing partners outside their network of friends. Compatibility is based on criteria set by users such as handicap, age, preferred courses, gender and pace of play.

What it’s not

  • A tee time reservation system.
  • A bulletin board where visitors can hold golf-related discussions.
  • A place for golfers to share photos and minute details about their daily lives.
  • A golf news website.

According to Co-Founder & CEO, Jim Dauer, FullForesome hopes to make getting paired-up at the course with incompatible playing partners a thing of the past for recreational golfers.

“A lot of people don’t like being paired up with complete strangers for a round of golf,” said Dauer. “Unfortunately, the only way to avoid this is to find enough playing partners to fill your tee time before you arrive at the course, which wasn’t always easy to do, until now.”

The company’s founders believe the service will change the way people think about making golf plans.

“In the past, when you got the urge to golf, you had to search for a tee time and then find someone who was available to play,” said Dauer. “Now you can just hop online and it only takes a few seconds to find a friend or another compatible golfer who already has a tee time to join.”

Getting started

New users can set up their personal network of golfing friends on in just a couple of minutes by auto-searching their Facebook friend list for existing FullForesome users and inviting Facebook friends who haven’t yet signed-up. Friends can also be invited via e-mail.

Mobile apps

Although a release date has not yet been announced, FullForesome will be releasing iPhone and Android applications in the near future.

About FullForesome

FullForesome is a Kansas City-based startup company determined to make finding a full foursome a piece of cake for all.

For a brief, 60-second overview of the company’s service, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to use

No. It’s free.

Does FullForesome work with all golf courses?

Yes. You should find every golf course in the United States in our database. If you cannot find the course you’re looking for (or notice the information for a course is out-of-date), please let us know by contacting We’ll address the problem within minutes.

Can I invite friends who do not have FullForesome accounts to join my tee times through the system?

Yes, you can invite friends to join FullForesome by sending invitations via email, Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo.

Can I book tee times through

No. FullForesome is not a tee time booking system. FullForesome simply provides an easy way for you to manage the process of finding people to golf with.

I’m a member of a private golf club. Will FullForesome be of any benefit to me?

Absolutely. Just because you play most of your golf at one course doesn’t mean coordinating a tee time is an effortless task. FullForesome provides a quick way to invite members you don’t know very well to join you for a round of golf without being too intrusive. And when you want to arrange an outing to a reciprocal club, FullForesome will allow you to easily find three people to play with, whether they are fellow members or friends who don’t belong to your club.